Point of Sales


Client was handwriting all their receipts and business activities.

I knew implementing a Point of Sales (POS) system would solve many problems. It would automate their sales process, store customer data, generate reports and track inventory.


I needed to convince the stakeholders how important this project was to grow the business.

Find a system that was easy to use and be cost effective. Negotiate pricing and installation.

Create and introduce new sales processes, including:  upload all the products and prices, develop clear product descriptions then train employees


I started by figuring out all the constraints and requirements needed, which helped eliminate many POS options.

After a POS was chosen, I created a spreadsheet to upload all the products into the system and then trained employees on how to use it.


First time the business could track sales and create reports immediately

The business has been able to train new employees to run sales for the first time in its history.

Business decisions are now made based on reports generated from the POS. The business has even added 3 more POS systems.


Midtown Lumber is a family owned lumber yard in New York City. The company has been run the same way over 50+ years, by writing receipts and manually calculating prices.

During this time, the company operated by pen and paper by handwriting receipts, ledgers and all business activities.

The goal of this project was to implement a Point of Sales (POS) system that would allow the business to process sales, save customer data, create reports and would be easy to train new employees.

Handwritten Receipts used before the project

My Responsibilities
  • Work with stakeholders to determine what features would be needed
  • Researching and finding available options that would meet all the project criteria
  • Creating the information architecture (IA) for 1000+ retail products
  • Develop a system for naming products to make them easy to search for
  • Upload all products into POS
Scope & Constraints
  • Needed to have the ability to type in custom orders and manually input a sales price
  • The system had to be easy to use for non-technical stakeholders
  • Had to be able to train new employees quickly

I started researching the different systems in the market. Since there were a lot of options, I started eliminating the POSes that did not meet our constraints. After going through this process for a few weeks, I wittiled my choices down to two companies.

After interviewing the two companies I chose a local one called POSMatic in case the business needed technical support, a representative could come and help the issue.  

“Sped up interactions with sales by simplifying the selling of products. Brought company into the 21st Century”
Dave L.
Current Manager at Midtown Lumber
  • Business was able to grow by hiring new salespeople for the first time in it’s 50+ year history
  • All business decisions are now based on data, including the ordering of new materials/products, budgeting decisions and others.
  • Transactions are almost automatic, which allows salespeople to spend more time with the customer or working on other parts of the business, instead of calculating the entire order, figuring out sales tax, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction improved as it was easier to give a quote as well as other areas such as professional receipts and the ability to email receipts
“The POS was priceless. It benefited the business and customers. Now we have customer pricing and sales history”
Mike K.
Former Owner of Midtown Lumber