Margin Pool League

Fantasy Football Side Project


Since 2014, I have ran a fantasy football like pool where members pick a football team each week and the point differential in the game result is their score for the week, with the winner having the most points by the end of the season.

The problem is that I currently run this league through a spreadsheet. I want to create a web app that allows league members to pick a team each week and have teams they already selected unavailable. I also want to have a standings section so people could see how many points they have compared to other members and to see who is leading.

To create a web app that allows people to start a league, pick a team each week, and see everyone’s results.

Eventually, there will be a mobile version of the app.

Excel Sheet I used to record picks in the past

I continue to run this league through a spreadsheet, emailing and texts.

I am in the middle of doing user interviews with current league members to learn what functionality they would like to see if this project becomes a web app.

I have made user flows and wireframes.

There is also a Balsamiq prototype

Information Architecture and User Flows

Screen Shots of Balsamiq Prototype including making a pick and the results page