Digitial Marketing Consultant


Helping Your Brand Find It’s Voice

A bit about me…

I’m Andrew, a Product Manager skilled at designing and creating apps that simplify complex business issues.

As a natural problem solver, I look forward to designing solutions that benefit everyone, whether it is a stakeholder, employee or customer.

I pursued product management when I learned that the field included many of my passions such as building products, consumer psychology, and making processes more efficient. When I’m not working, you can find me reading about low cost business ideas and SaaS business models.

In my next role I want to collaborate with departments that create apps or web experiences, including designers, developers, marketing people and the highest stakeholders. My ideal role is where I can continue to develop professionally and learn from my contemporaries while allowing me to contribute immediately using my design and marketing experience.

“He is always looking for a better/faster way to do things. Thinks deeply when working through business problems”

Zach C.
Owner of Midtown Lumber Mart

“When working with Andrew, I learned how he is very organized and good at doing background research on client’s industry. He’s extremely focused on developing the right goals for each individual client’s needs”

Shanye S.
Founder of Think Work Media

Marketing Skills

WordPress Development

My background with WordPress sites include both on the client side and the agency side using the Waterfall project management process.

I can write code with HTML & CSS, with some knowledge of JavaScript (but I’m a little rusty)

Copywriting / Content Writing

My writing experience includes web page content, blog posts, landing pages and marketing emails.

I’ve been studying how to write online ads and long-form sales pages.

Email Marketing

Designed templates and wrote cold emails (B2B) to potential customers as well as company newsletters.

I’m in the process of learning how to write and plan email drip campaigns and product launches.


Established the SEO strategy in my previous position which included on-page SEO, keyword research, local SEO, online review management, inserting structured data and image compression.

“Very organized and by the book. He is great at making standards and rules for businesses. Strength is in figuring out how to make businesses work smarter and not harder.”

Dave L.
Manager at Midtown Lumber

“He introduces practical solutions across many different fields for small businesses”

Simon L.
E-Commerce Store Manager

Design Skills

Product Strategy

I’m skilled in defining problems, crafting the product vision, prioritizing  what features need to be included and working with stakeholders.

Content Strategy

My experience in this area includes information architecture (IA), creating navigation and developing content (web copy, emails, and more)

Experience Design

I sketch potential solutions, create user flows, draw wireframes and develop prototypes


I’ve conducted user interviews, wrote and analyzed customer surveys, conducted competitor analysis and tracked website analytics